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Becoming a Grandfather

I changed my blog tagline tonight. No longer "almost grandfather" to "grandfather."
We got the phone call Thursday morning at 2:30: water broke, at the hospital, three weeks early… So we packed a few things and drove up to Verdugo Hills Hospital in the same labor and delivery floor where our twins were born June 26, 1987. We met a nurse who has worked there since the mid-70s and she remembered Dr. Smith who delivered them.
The doctor told us to settle in because this is going to be a long wait. First child... he's early... everyone knows... We went to Starbucks across the street to get some work done, cancel appointments, and send out emails. Amy and I tried to nap in the waiting room, making up for the lost sleep and biding our time in the "long wait."
Six pounds three ounces, nineteen inches and was born at week 38. He's beautiful. As we held him he didn't make a peep. No crying, no fussing. His eyes were open, just taking everything in. Wha…