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Hatfield and McCoys

Are we related to the Hatfield's and the McCoy's? Since the series is on the History Channel I thought I'd do a little research.

Kevin Coster plays Willliam Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield. Wikipedia says he is a descendant of Ephraim Hatfield born in 1765 in Washington County, VA. So here it goes:

William is one of 11 children. He was born in 1839 to Ephraim "Big Eaf" (b. 1812 Sprigg, Mingo Co., West Virginia and d. 1881 Newtown, Fayette Co., WV) and Nancy Vance (b. about 1813).

Ephraim's parents were Valentine (born in Russell County, VA in 1789) and Martha (born in Washington Co., VA in 1789).

Valentine's parents were Ephraim Hatfield (b. in 1765 in Washington County, Virginia, died on 13 Oct 1847 in Blackberry Creek, Pikeville, Kentucky at age 82, and was buried in Hatfield Memorial Cemetery, Pike County, Kentucky) and Mary Smith (b. 1754 in Wilmington, New Castle Co., Delaware).

Ephraim is the brother of Ale Hatfield, father of Mordeca Ale, fathe…

Biography of Daniel Boone Hatfield, Father of Mordica

(written while he was still living)

Daniel B. Hatfield, grocer, was born in Jackson Township, Greene County, Ind, May 1, 1838. His father, Mordica Hatfield, was a native of Campbell County Tenn., born November 17, 1818, and was descended from Irish ancestors. [This is partially true. Ale's maternal grandparents were born in Tyrone Co, Ireland, but his paternal ancestors are from England and Holland.] Ale Hatfield, father of Mordica, together with his family, removed to Indiana in 1831, and was induced to locate in Greene County by reason of fine water facilities and an abundance of wild game. They settled in Jackson Township and occupied their time largely in hunting, becoming justly celebrated as hunters. In about 1844, Ale Hatfield died. Mordica married Millie Richardson when seventeen years old, and fourteen children blessed this union, all of whom were raised to maturity, Ten of these were daughters, six being twins, and the entire family are now married. The sons of Ale Hatfie…

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