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Building our Lives, Together -- Oct 18

"Build yourselves up in your most holy faith..." Jude 1:20

Last night at the 6:45 service we had a community question: What is something you have built that you are most proud of?

It's a great question because there are so many things that we can build and what am really proud of?

I thought about: building a culture in our church (better communication, service and small groups), building a house in Mexico (many times), building family traditions (like toasting each other for special occasions), building faith in students (over two decades of student ministries), building a staff that works well together.

But I quickly realize that I am proud of what has been built but I didn't build anything alone. Everything I mentioned above was built together with others.

In this little-read epistle, Jude (maybe the brother of Jesus) writes in the plural to dear friends, and to build yourselves up. Is it possible to build faith, ministries, traditions, alone?

As we consider what God …