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Camino de Santiago Day Seven

Los Arcos to Logroño 
We left Los Arcos by 7:30–a late start along the Camino. Today was a long stretch, about 30km or 18mi, but another beautiful day with sun at our backs and a cool breeze in our faces.

I met Peter from Australia. He and his wife are traveling with another couple but today he was walking alone. We met the first day in Orisson. Amy and I had finished morning prayer and were singing “Praise the Name of the Lord Most High.” I forgot the verses so we replaced them with Amazing Grace. I knew Peter attended church and I asked him to sing the second verse with me. He told me all about his own journey of faith that started when he was the child of baptist missionaries, but became more personal in his 50s. Now he’s part of a vibrant church and we shared a bit about how we are experiencing God in this Camino. 

We transitioned today from Navarra to La Rioja regions. This is the time of year to see new growth and sprouts on the mature vines—everything is green. It takes great c…