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San Marcos, El Salvador (Friday)

Today we visited a child development center supported by Compassion. Each project is a church because everything supports the ministry of a local church.

I was greeted by Karla with a sign with my name. She's 13 and has been sponsored for 8 years. Her friend Merlin and she danced with the group during the opening program.

The worship band was student led and sang in Spanish and English ("how great is our God"); there was a drama from 2 Samuel about Mephibosheth welcomed to the kings table and a reflection on the passage by a student.

We toured the different workshops which equip children with skills: computer, sewing backpacks which are sold to the other centers, mixing liquid soap, music, and English class where we played twister in English with the kids.

Lots of time to visit with the children and hear the story of Nelson, a gang member who eventually came to Christ because his daughter was being cared for by the church. I sat with him and two current gang members who a…

El Coco, El Salvador (Thursday)

Yesterday 7 pastors and three Compassion International staff flew from Hawaii, Southern California and Colorado Springs to Houston and then on to San Salvador for a church leaders trip to discover how Compassion addresses children in poverty.

We had a great day visiting a project/church site with 213 children that was started 1 year 3 months ago. We were the first visitors to the site and we were all impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of the pastor and staff.

The children greeted us with "Da me la mano" and a young girl escorted me into the assembly room and sat with me. The whole program was led by children leading other children and guest in singing.

Hugs are big. Few recieve affirmation or touch from parents. homes are mostly single moms. i met a mom who was so appreciative of the project where children get training in computer, basic subjects, and each has a file with their progress physically, emotionally/socially, intellectually and spiritually. 

We visited the …