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Children in Worship -- Oct 6

The Lord went ahead of them ... to give them light, so they could travel by day and night. Exodus 13:21b

Our job is to be attentive to his presence; to see what God is up to, to listen to his voice, to watch for his leading. And when we believe God is leading us, we respond. For the Israelites it meant traveling, because that's what God was calling them to. Sometimes God calls us to sit, sometimes to discern, sometimes to listen. 

Last Sunday we launched our Generations Campaign. After years of conversations, decisions, feedback, prayer and discernment, we moved forward. We shared the vision and the plans for building new buildings on our campus that will provide places of welcoming and transformation for our children, students and families, as well as bring us all together as the generations of our church. 

We also launched a new way of worshipping, especially in the morning services in the Sanctuary, with children first through sixth grade in worship for the first 25 minutes, and j…