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Santa Ana, El Salvador (Saturday)

I took my seat next to mother Griselda and her two year-three month daughter Natali in the sanctuary of the 10,000 member Elim Church in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Together with our pastor group and dozens of women and their children we sang worship songs, then listened to the story of a former gang woman.

Eighteen months ago she came to Christ because her son was in the Compassion child survival program for infants and preschoolers. At first she couldn't participate in church because of her gang commitment, but through her son's involvement she learned to love him and grew spiritually. She urged the women it's never too late to seek the Lord.

Elim partners with Compassion to care for 1000 mothers and babies in 21 projects across El Salvador. The women learn crafts, hairstyling, and other skills as well as caring for their children. The women are given prenatal care and the children are monitored from birth to five years old in physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social de…