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911 Prayer

Ten years ago on September 11th terrorist attacks killed almost 3000: ·246 people on the four planes that landed in Pennsylvania, The Pentagon, and the World Trade Center. ·2606 in New York City in the Twin Towers and on the ground 125 at the Pentagon, 55 of which were military personnel  and 411 emergency workers who responded to the scene, including 342 firefighters, 10 paramedics, 23 NYC police officers and 37 Port Authority officers. All American citizens except for 236 from more than 90 other countries.
These are the numbers of those who died on 9/11, but the impact of 9/11 goes on. 

·-Families who lost loved ones ·-Military who have been service and many who have died serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan ·-We have all been affected by increased security and the underlying threat of future attacks. ·-The world has changed in so many ways. 

We all have our stories and memories of 9/11. We remember where we were, and many of us lost loved ones or friends, or were impacted some way…