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Thanksgiving Worship

Wednesday night we tried something different for the Thanksgiving Eve Worship--we incorporated Students in each part. Students played in the band, read a litany and shared the reflection on Psalm 100. They also served communion alongside pastors. So how was it?

I think the students felt honored. 
'We are the whole message?'
'We get to serve communion?'

Spencer and Molly and intern Rachel did a great job reflecting on Psalm 100 ... personal, funny, deep.The congregation clapped after each meditation, not as a performance, but I think out of gratitude. Junior higher Grace and intern Jessica read the litany of thanks. Stew led us in a reading of Psalm 100.

'Best service.'
'Students have so much to teach us.'

Jamie shared his experience of asking junior highers, "What celebrity would you swap for a family member?" None of them answered the question, saying, "I don't want to lose anyone in my family, but I'd like to add pe…