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Christmas Day Reflections

Brendan and Rachel made it in time to start the ten o'clock Christmas Eve service by lighting the Christ Candle with Amy and me.  Brendan has been in other night-before-Christmas services as a child in the pageant and as a worship band leader. But this time he was my son, reading John 1 with a deep man's voice reading with his wife. I'm proud, grateful, happy and honored to introduce my family and share this service with them, as we did with Connor and Sherianne last year. 

Christmas Eve is an odd night for pastors. We lead others in worship, singing familiar carols, listening to God's word, bringing a new twist to an old story, being a part of the church-family on this special night before they spend time with their families opening gifts and sharing a meal. Five services in the afternoon and evening don't allow for much my-family time on Christmas Eve.

Don't get me wrong; there's no place I'd rather be this night. I'm filled with awe and jo…