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We left Cappadocia and crossed the Tarsus Mountains through the Cilician Gate--a natural faultline which serves as the passage from Syria and the Mediterranean coast to Galatia. I was excited to experience this geographical aspect of Paul's journeys.

The rugged terrain of 13,000 foot peaks looks daunting. We passed through in our air conditioned motor coach, but Paul walked. No wonder he traveled with companions who could help defend from wild animals and thieves.

Paul's hometown of ancient Tarsus is mostly covered over by modern Tarsus, except for a portion of the main Roman road, Cleopatra's Gate (where she met Mark Antony) and Paul's Well, which is supposed to be the well in his childhood Jewish neighborhood. The well is 85 feet deep and still produces clean drinking water.

We took surprising detours: pictures with a bride and groom, tasted the pickled red carrot juice (that looks like it should be sweet), and local sesame cookies. We visited the Tarsus American Coll…