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Camino de Santiago Day Ten

Azofra to Grañón

Our “cinq amis français” we met in Zubiri and saw again here in Azofra at breakfast.

On the road. 

Those dang poppies.

Taking a rest in Cirueña.

Sheep on the way into Santo Domingo de la Calzada, where we also found the rooster in the church. Google it—great story.

Hanging our laundry in Grañón with our friend Yasuko.

For the first time we stayed in the parish hostel. We chopped the vegetables and prepared the meal together. Pilgrims from Korea, the Netherlands, Italy, Brazil and the US. The three volunteers helped us make dinner and clean up, and then led us in a time of sharing in prayer in the balcony of the church. 

Each part of the scripture or prayers were read in the different languages represented. They had candles for each of us, and gave us the opportunity to share a few words about what we’re experiencing so far on the Camino. For that part there was no translation and it was beautiful to hear people sharing simply, sometimes in tears, about what this expe…