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La Dolce Vita

We are at our half way mark. Eight weeks down, eight weeks to go, and today is our last day in Italy. We are a little tired of our clothes because we packed so light, but yesterday we refreshed our wardrobe with a shirt for Mike and a skirt for Amy. We'll be sad to leave Italy, and we are excited to see what's ahead in Kiev, Moscow and the UK. We've been able to create a rhythm of prayer in sacred spaces with our prayer book in a simple, sweet and meaningful way. We wrapped up seven weeks in Italy with this class of students and alums from Fuller Seminary exploring Art, Theology and Culture. One last blog on Italy.
Italians live with passion. It's true. Their saints lived with passion. Their coffee, olive oil, wine and gelato are enjoyed with passion. It's seen in art, conversation, cars, fashion and we get to experience it firsthand.

We returned to Assisi with our class. Amy and I had the gift of visiting this medieval town of Francis and Clare th…