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Galilee: Day Two

The sunrise was beautiful Saturday morning. We began our day in Akko, (also called Acre or in the first century, Ptolemais), which was the Crusader capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. We toured some magnificent Crusader buildings, all discovered in the last few decades under sand. A meeting hall, church, secret tunnel all underground and built in medieval times out of stone by Crusaders from different parts of Europe. // We didn’t visit Akko on our trip two years ago, but it’s rich with Crusader history and is mentioned in Acts 21 by it’s former name, Ptolemais. Paul left the Ephesians in with tears and made his way back to Jerusalem. He stopped in Ptolemais and Tyre where the Christians warned him not to go to Jerusalem. In the following chapters of Acts Paul is arrested and held in Herod’s palace Caesarea Maritime (where we will visit on Monday) and then made his final voyage across the same sea to his death in Rome. It’s a short passage, but it reminds us that Paul not only used R…