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Galilee to Jerusalem

We began our day in Nazareth, at Mount Precipice, where the people of Nazareth tried to kill Jesus. In Luke 4 he opens the scroll from Isaiah and declared the scripture was being fulfilled in his reading. At first those in the synagogue were proud of him as the hometown boy. But they turned on him when he reminded them they would say "physician heal thyself." They were not so excited about Jesus being the prophet like Elijah. They view of the Jezreel Valley below was beautiful.
We visited the Church of the Annunciation, the largest church in the Middle East. The church next door dedicated to Joseph is much smaller, more humble. We read the story of the annunciation and talked about the qualities Mary possessed that made her a great woman to be the mother of Jesus.Walking down through Nazareth and then up to the Nazareth Villagse at the YMCA was our first foray into a busy street with restaurants, shops, and all the smells, sights and sounds. The Nazareth Village is a recrea…