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Back to Madrid

Amy and I are flying to Madrid right now. It's my fourth time back and our third time together. The other times we planned out way in advance: study in college, leading a group trip and our four month sabbatical with ten year olds. But this time we bought the tickets just six weeks ago to mark a significant season for us.

February 2 I celebrated my tenth anniversary as senior pastor of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. February 10 we celebrated groundbreaking on the upper campus and moved into our fellowship hall for a ten month season of worship while our contractor completes a $12 million renovation to our seven acre campus.

February 17 the leadership surprised Amy and me with cards and a gift that would allow us to do something special. Fix the cars, buy an appliance? No. Fly somewhere? Yes. Where? Madrid came out of our mouths at the same time.

We booked on Delta for a ten day trip between a board meeting and preaching two days after we return. We are staying at a pension th…