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Camino de Santiago Day Five

Day 5: Puente La Reina to Estella
We woke up this morning and were greeted by poppies in the field in front of our albergue. Poppies join us for most of the Camino along the path, in the fields acting as punctuation to the surprisingly beautiful countryside we are crossing.

Puente La Reina’s puente crosses the Arga River.

We walked through vineyards of Navarra. 

And we walked over Roman roads and bridges.

This morning we re-met a young Korean girl we met the second day. Like many of the pilgrims we started with five days ago, we are on the same pace and run into each other along the way. This time we had a chance to get to know her better. She is on the Camino to find herself by walking the Camino alone. We talked about family and what it’s been like on the Camino. When her phone chimed, her ring tone was a familiar tune. It’s a song from church they play at weddings, she said, If I Speak With The Tongues of Angels. I shared the scripture passage, which she knew. We invited her to sa…