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From Jerusalem: Day 8

I am a few days behind. Where do I begin? Day 5 We left in the morning from Tiberias and drove to Mount Tabor for the Transfiguration. The church is beautiful, especially the small crypts below built on the earlier church mosaic floors and the deck to the right of the church where we read the story of the transfiguration. Mountain top experiences are important for what they are worth: not an end in themselves, but an empowerment for the valleys below where there is ministry to be done. God the father blesses Jesus publically.

We visited Beth Shean, the amazing ruins that rival Ephesus: marble columns, streets, theatre. We sang Great is thy Faithfulness in a tunnel next to the theatre, remembering that God has been faithful from one generation to the next. This is city in the Decapolis Jesus would have ministered in. We drove to Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The entire text of Isaiah was found, which corroborates the text which was previously the earliest, which was 1000 years older …