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John the Garden Tomb Guide

The Garden Tomb was discovered 150 years ago by the British Major-General Charles George Gordon, who was visiting Horatio Spafford (author of 'It is well with my soul") when he looked out the window at what he thought was Golgotha.The traditional location was The church of the Holy Seculpchre, found by Constantine's mother Helen in the mid fourth century. What drew Gordon's attention was a quarry facing the street that looked like a skull. He decided it was time to reconsider the location of Calvary (which means head in Latin). 

Scripture says Golgotha is outside the city near a quarry, a garden, in a public place as a deterrent for the passerby and that Joseph of Arimathea gave Jesus a tomb that had never been used. They investigated and found there was a sistern, third largest in Jerusalem, which could have made this a garden as it says in scripture. They also found a first century wine press, so perhaps this was a vineyard. They found a tomb--two rooms, one for prep…