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Radio Interview on KPRZ

This weekend is the Many Moods of Christmas at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. I had the opportunity last Wednesday to be interviewed in the KPRZ studio by David Spoon of the David Spoon Experience to talk about Many Moods. He's a joyful, fun, energetic (he was drinking a Monster energy drink) and loves God. He gave me a chance to tell a little about our story as a church and my story as a pastor. It's in two parts on YouTube.

Many Moods of Christmas is a weekend of music that begins the Christmas season with the wonder and beauty and mystery of the season. Our chancel choir, children's choir, soloists and amazing orchestra present the message of Christmas with all their heart, mind, soul and strength. I'm looking forward to the community joining us in the sanctuary Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Monday evening. Tickets are online for $15 and $20.

Live interviews are crazy, especially with David. I wasn't quite sure what question he was…