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Sabbatical Plans: Pilgrimage and Practices

Solana Beach Presbyterian Church has a long tradition of providing for the care and renewal of staff, including sabbatical for ordained pastors every seven years. Session has approved the timing of my sabbatical from April 21 to August 5. Amy and I are ready to grow and are grateful for this opportunity. Sabbatical means a planned discipline of rest, or Sabbath; unplugging from the day to day for soul refreshment and renewal; trusting that God is at work when we are not; practicing healthy detachment, so that we spend a season apart and then come together with energy and vision for what’s next. This year Amy and I celebrate 33 years of marriage, 28 years of ordained ministry, and 15 years at SBPC. Although I serve as senior pastor, we have always approached ministry as a team, and realize that the health and vitality of our marriage has a direct impact on ministry. We look forward to the ways God will transform and renew our hearts together. The themes of our sabbatical are pilgrimage an…