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Practicing Being Sent

I had the opportunity to be the mission conference speaker at Fremont Pres in Sacramento, a church with an active mission program and giving, but is wrestling with "missional." This was actually their first missions "conference" so I was honored to be asked. It was called "Get up offa that thing: Exploring what it means to be missional." They heard me speak at the PGF Gathering in Long Beach and heard my passion for transforming the church.

I had four sessions, one on Friday, two on Saturday and preaching on Sunday. I incorporated some of the elements of the PGF Gathering we had in August. I incorporated lectio divina on Luke 10 in three of the sessions, coming back to it for more insights and questions. It is such a powerful way to communicate that, as Harold Kurtz said, "Mission is Messy," yet we have the assurance of a relationship with the Lord of the Harvest, and that "the kingdom of God is near."

I told my own story of missional d…