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Madrid Memories

We attach significance to spaces--memories and emotions that are very personal and can be very meaningful. Madrid is one of those spaces to me.

I love the buildings and history, the metro and boulevards, the language, tapas, cañas, bocadillos, Retiro Park, cafe con leche, chocolate con churros and I actually like the ubiquitous cigarette smoke. I'm tempted to start smoking.

We look for the same spots and still look for new adventures. "I" became "we" when my six week college experience five years later became Amy and my first international trip together and 16 years later became a sabbatical experience with ten year olds. Now we look at each other with the same "we love this" expression.

In 1981 I saw a flyer posted in the Spanish department for a scholarship to El Centro de Estudios Hispánicos. I don't know why I was interested. I had just chosen my Spanish major that fall, mostly because you have to declare something and I had twenty advanced …