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Around Umbria

Last week before we left for SFO, we spent some time in the towns around Spello: Montefalco and Bevagna.

Sunday after mass at the Chiesa San Lorenzo we returned to Montefalco (where we had lunch on Friday) but this time outside of town to the Scacciadiavoli Open House, part of a regional Cantine Aperte of wineries around Montefalco. We shared a vertical wine tasting of Montefalco Rosso with three couples we met a few days earlier in Spello from Oregon and Kentucky.
Since there was free wine, food and a jazz concert, the crowds grew as the day went on. We needed a break so we walked outside to the family chapel on the grounds. It was shaded and quiet, so we prayed our prayer book, went outside, laid down and closed our eyes for an hour or so. We walked down the two lane road with parking on both sides for half a mile, dodging cars and mopeds, buses. We bought coffee and treats at a local cafĂ© (inundated with what had to be a record number of customers) and returned to the winery with a…