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Good Rest and Good Work: God’s Shaping of Christian Life Through the Gift of Sabbath

(written by Brendan McClenahan)
Teach me work that honors Thy work, the true economies of goods and words, to make my arts compatible with the songs of the local birds.
Teach me patience beyond work and, beyond patience, the blest Sabbath of Thy unresting love Which lights all things and gives rest.
Wendell Berry, Given

In 1967, futurists testifying before a senate subcommittee predicted the rise of technology in the 21st century would cause a problem: too much spare time. According to their calculations, the average American workweek would be reduced from 40 hours to 22 hours by 1985.  It doesn’t take much research to discover that they were wrong. As American culture became increasingly global, connected, technological, and consumer-driven, busyness of Americans rose through the roof. In 2004, studies showed that Americans worked 2 more hours per day than Italians and Germans.
Not only are we working harder, we are resting less. Americans are sleeping an average of 2.5 hours less than we did 1…