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Camino de Santiago Day Thirty-two and Thirty-three

Samos to Barbadelo to Gonzar

It continued to rain through the night and into the morning. We left Samos and walked to Sarria along beautiful paths following the Río Sarria.

We took my iPhone to the phone repair shop in Sarria. We waited three hours (through the siesta lunch break) to find out my phone is dead. Muerto. We transferred my SIM card to Amy's phone and downloaded my apps and email, and then walked to Barbadelo. 
The Camino and pilgrimage is about traveling light and letting go, trusting God and his timing. But I like it better when I can decide what to let go of, to plan my losses and think through the consequences.
I dropped my phone in Burgos and didn't anticipate walking through all the rain this past week. It was wet through and through. Muerto. What pictures are on the cloud, and what else have I lost? I won't know till we are back in Barcelona in two weeks.
While we were waiting we got the newsfeed that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide last Friday. 61 ye…