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Another Week in Umbria

Last Wednesday we went to Assisi again. It is a beautiful place and I'm glad we are able to see it in several visits. This time we focused on San Rufino church and San Damiano.

The San Rufino Church highlight was the fa├žade. The animals, the design is really beautiful. When you stand in front of the church, then look backwards to the Rocca Maggiore on top of the hill, it's impressive. San Ruffino also has original stone walls and a crypt that remind you of what this church is built on. Also, the baptismal font where Clare and Francis were baptized? Cool.

We walked down to San Damiano and got there before it opened. I took off my sandals and walked on the cool tile in the shade of the portico. When it opened I kept my shoes off, to experience the worn smooth coolness of the stone. I'm impressed with San Damiano. This is the original church that Francis rebuilt. These are the floors, the frescoes, the walls. The choir was added in the 15th century, but the vaulted ceiling, th…