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Camino de Santiago Day Twenty to Twenty-two

Sahagún to Reliegos to León
In Sahagún we celebrated the halfway city of the Camino. We are the blue dot in this map. 

The last few days were really challenging and long along the meseta. As I wrote in my last blog, there are very few churches and very few masses, or pilgrims blessings, in this section of the Camino. But the hostel in Sahagún was a great surprise.
Our four French friends told us there was a pilgrim mass at the Monasterio de Santa Cruz, so we decided to stay the night at the Santa Cruz albergue. 
Father Andres is a Marist priest from Rome and he is leading his team in new ministry in this Benedictine monastery of nuns. Apparently, the ministry of the nuns in prayer and work—ora et labora—doesn’t lend itself to a ministry of hospitality or evangelism in the albergue. Andres and Daniel, from Madrid, invited us to small group sharing. We all picked a card that reflected our experience so far on the Camino. Their hope is to invite pilgrims to consider the inner spiritual jou…