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From Jerusalem to Rome

Before dinner on May 11. Marcel Solomon, the public relations staff at the Dan Panorama, told us his story of being a holocaust survivor. He calls it a "light" story. He and his family escaped from Luxembourg, which, in spite of their neutrality during the war, was occupied by the Nazis. The organization in New York that was helping to move refugees from Europe to other countries helped them relocate in the Dominican Republic after taking a train back and forth across France before they were approved to leave by the Gestapo. He said his life was full of miracles and it's obvious that God has a plan for his life. He explained how his parents would always say "if": "If we had only" or "if we hadn't" and he swore to never say "if." If he wanted to do something he would. He became an observant Jew when his wife was in the hospital with a brain aneurism. He promised God if she became well that he would observe the Sabbath. She did a…