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Broken immigration system brings real, personal problems

(reprinted from Union-Tribune October 17, 2013) A North County pastor becomes an advocate for immigration reform after discovering the human factor. I have become an accidental advocate for immigration reform. As senior pastor at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, I lead a congregation that has dedicated itself to building relationships with our immigrant neighbors through tutoring, a college-prep program, adult and preschool literacy, as well as worshipping and serving together in the community and around the world. Because of those relationships, the problems that result from our broken immigration system are not hypothetical but very personal. In the church we live in covenant relationships. When a child is baptized we commit to helping parents raise their children. Therefore, children living in fear of their parents’ deportation are not “their” children but “our” children. As Christians with strong family values we inherently understand the importance of keeping families together and w…