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Sabbatical Update

Monday, May 3, we begin a four month sabbatical to rest, be renewed and reflect. I'm grateful for the opportunity for this life-changing adventure, both for us and for our congregation. Please pray for our safety, for God to be at work, and for all of us to grow in our love for God, for each other and for the world. I want to share with you a few more details so you can be with us on our Journey with Jesus through Pilgrimage and Practices.

Our pilgrimage to historic places provides the learning and inspiration. We will pattern our lives around seven spiritual practices: paying attention, a rhythm of prayer alone and in community, reading, asking God for direction, solitude, simplifying or letting go, and gratitude.

Part of unplugging means I will not be checking church email or taking my cell phone. I encourage you to "follow me" as I occasionally post notes and photos to my blog

I've shared with you previously about the timing of our sabbat…