Thanksgiving Worship

Wednesday night we tried something different for the Thanksgiving Eve Worship--we incorporated Students in each part. Students played in the band, read a litany and shared the reflection on Psalm 100. They also served communion alongside pastors. So how was it?

I think the students felt honored. 
'We are the whole message?' 
'We get to serve communion?'

Spencer and Molly and intern Rachel did a great job reflecting on Psalm 100 ... personal, funny, deep. The congregation clapped after each meditation, not as a performance, but I think out of gratitude. Junior higher Grace and intern Jessica read the litany of thanks. Stew led us in a reading of Psalm 100.

'Best service.' 
'Students have so much to teach us.'

Jamie shared his experience of asking junior highers, "What celebrity would you swap for a family member?" None of them answered the question, saying, "I don't want to lose anyone in my family, but I'd like to add people to my family." Junior highers, he said, like their families and want others to join them. So, he invited us to be family by sharing our gratitude with each other, paying special attention to those outside our generation. We did, and there was energy in the sanctuary as people grouped together in circles of 3 and 4. 

The choir sang with Brendan on the Revelation Song. Lisa sang a beautiful solo called Gratitude. Drums, guitar, choir, litanies, apostles creed... it was all there in an hour of praise and thanks. 

When we worship all together we learn something we would never have learned otherwise.  I'm thankful for that.


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