Biography of Daniel Boone Hatfield, Father of Mordica

(written while he was still living)

Ale Hatfield b. Oct 29, 1778 in Russell County, VA,
d. Nov 11, 1841 and buried in the Armstead Hatfield
Cemetery, Owensburg, Greene County, Indiana
Daniel B. Hatfield, grocer, was born in Jackson Township, Greene County, Ind, May 1, 1838. His father, Mordica Hatfield, was a native of Campbell County Tenn., born November 17, 1818, and was descended from Irish ancestors. [This is partially true. Ale's maternal grandparents were born in Tyrone Co, Ireland, but his paternal ancestors are from England and Holland.] Ale Hatfield, father of Mordica, together with his family, removed to Indiana in 1831, and was induced to locate in Greene County by reason of fine water facilities and an abundance of wild game. They settled in Jackson Township and occupied their time largely in hunting, becoming justly celebrated as hunters. In about 1844, Ale Hatfield died. Mordica married Millie Richardson when seventeen years old, and fourteen children blessed this union, all of whom were raised to maturity, Ten of these were daughters, six being twins, and the entire family are now married. The sons of Ale Hatfield, not receiving any schooling, were unable to read or write, but they all became honored and respected citizens, as have also their children. Mordica Hatfield was an ordained preacher of the Baptist Church for over twenty-five years. He died September 14, 1869, followed by his widow April 8, 1875. D. B Hatfield was raised and educated in his native township. November 17, 1859, he married Miss Rachel Burcham, who died May 15, 1873, leaving four children the following three? Wesley M., Laura E. and Serepta M.?yet living, and John L., deceased. Mr. Hatfield enlisted August 16, 1862, in Company G, Ninety-seventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry, served three years, during the war participating in all the battles from Buzzard's Roost to Atlanta, at the latter place being wounded by a minie ball in the right thigh. After recovering from this wound, he was transferred to Rock Island, and detailed on guard duty where he remained until discharged July 16, 1865. He then came home, farmed four years, and in 1870 entered upon the duties of County Recorder, having been elected the preceding year. After serving four years he was re-elected, serving in all eight years. For two years he practiced law but since that time has been engaged in merchandising. He married his first wife's sister. Violet Burcham, October 1, 1873, to which union three children were born?Onias, Daniel B. and Mary V., all deceased. The mother died March 24, 1878. Mr. Hatfield married Marie H. Alexander June 9, 1878, by whom he is the father of two sons?Thomas R. and Alexander H. He is a Democrat, a member of. the F. & A. M., and a non-affiliating member of the I 0. 0. F. (a)
Daniel Boone HATFIELD, formerly well known here, died at his home in Los Angeles, Calif., Sunday morning, July 31. He was born in Jackson Township May 1, 1838. He was first married to Miss Rachel BURCHAM, Nov. 17, 1859, and to this union four children were born. Two are dead and two survive, namely, Wesley M. HATFIELD, of Jasonville, and Mrs. Laura WILLIAMS, of Lafayette. By a third marriage he had two children, Thomas and Alexander who survive and live in Los Angeles, Calif., where also lives a daughter, Alice, by a later marriage. Mr. HATFIELD was married six times, his last wife surviving him.His remains were interred in Rosedale Cemetery at Los Angeles, Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 2, the funeral services being conducted by Stanton Post No. 55, G. A. R. 
Addresses in 1910 (c)
Daniel Boone Hatfield: at 5856 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles
Alexander: 1435 N Main Street, Los Angeles
Thomas: 221 Belmont Ave, Los Angeles

Daniel's Family in 1860 (d)

Mordica (father), 42   b.TN   Farmer illiterate  $3000 in real estate, $800 personal estate 
Milly (mother), 41 b.TN   illiterate 
  1. Nancy, F 24 b.IN
  2. Daniel, M 21 b.IN
  3. Mary, F 19 b. IN Servant literate
  4. Serrilda, F 17 b. IN Servant literate
  5. Andrew, M 14 b. IN Servant literate (twin)
  6. Ralph, M 14 b. IN School literate (twin)
  7. Nelson, M 12 b. IN School literate
  8. Cyntha J., F 07 b. IN School literate (twin)
  9. Sarah A., F 07 b. IN School literate (twin)
  10. Elizabeth, F 05 b. IN literate (twin)
  11. Amanda, F 05 b. IN literate (twin)
  12. Christeann, F 03 b. IN literate
  13. Rachel J., F 2 mo. b. IN literate

Even more information

(d) CENSUS: 1860; M653/262; IN; Greene Co; Jackson Twp; Owensburgh PO; p.802; household 1490/1490 [2691]


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