Becoming a Grandfather

I changed my blog tagline tonight. No longer "almost grandfather" to "grandfather."

We got the phone call Thursday morning at 2:30: water broke, at the hospital, three weeks early… So we packed a few things and drove up to Verdugo Hills Hospital in the same labor and delivery floor where our twins were born June 26, 1987. We met a nurse who has worked there since the mid-70s and she remembered Dr. Smith who delivered them.

The doctor told us to settle in because this is going to be a long wait. First child... he's early... everyone knows... We went to Starbucks across the street to get some work done, cancel appointments, and send out emails. Amy and I tried to nap in the waiting room, making up for the lost sleep and biding our time in the "long wait."

Six pounds three ounces, nineteen inches and was born at week 38. He's beautiful. As we held him he didn't make a peep. No crying, no fussing. His eyes were open, just taking everything in. What was it like for him to be in the womb (in Chinese, I found out tonight, the word means "baby's palace") one minute, experience a little pushing and then there's light, no more muffled sounds, the familiar voices of your mom and dad now crystal clear

But what's it like for a dad to see his son holding his grandson? Pride. Joy. Awe. What's it like to just get used to the idea that your son is married, and married to a wonderful woman, now daughter, and realize he's a man, he's got what it takes, he's on the adventure, he's willing to take on this great responsibility and experience of being a dad.

In the New Testament John writes, "No one has ever seen God…" I like that phrase because it means people are looking for God, but we just can't see him. "But when we love one another…" Love takes so many forms in our lives from friendship to the intimacy of marriage, to the love of a mother and child. "God lives in us and his love is made complete in us."

There is a connection between God's love for us, our love for one another and the completion of love or the expression of love. What a great thing to see the beautiful, wonderful, awesome miracle of a newborn child and the love that surrounds him; great-grandparents, grandparents and parents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors all celebrating this child!

A lot of love.


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