Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather the Pastor/Farmer

Mordica Ale Hatfield, youngest son of Ale Hatfield and Elizabeth Young Hatfield, was born in Campbell Co., Tennessee, October 6, 1817 and died in Greene County, Indiana September 14, 1869. Here's what I learned from him, piecing together obituaries and genealogies. 

Married at 18. Mordica went to Indiana from Tennessee along with his parents and their family in 1831 at the age of 14 years. Four years later, at 18, Ale married 16 year old Millie Richardson in Monroe County, Indiana, November 26, 1835. Millie was born in Campbell Co, Tennessee, May 5, 1819 and died near Cincinnatti, Greene County, Indiana, April 3, 1875. Milly was the daughter of Thomas Richardson and Nancy Ann Quisenberry, both of which were born in Virginia and were married there in Montgomery County, June 7, 1790. Millie was described as being small and having dark eyes and dark hair. It has been said that she never walked a day in her life due to some physical defect.

Pastor who couldn't read or write. Ale was an ordained Primitive Baptist minister for 25 years as well as a farmer. He could not read or write but he memorized scripture from hearing it read to him. He was noted for his philosophy, preaching and memorization of great portions of scripture. Mordica was medium short, muscular and was gentle with his wife and children. Ale died of Typhoid Fever. He had red (auburn) kinky hair which he tried to grease down.

Farmer who raised fourteen children. After their marriage they lived on a farm near Cincinnatti, Green County, Indiana where he farmed and where they raised their family of fourteen children, four boys, and ten girls. There were three sets of twins included in the fourteen children. All fourteen children lived to be married and all were living after their parents were deceased. The youngest one to die was Sally Ann, twin of Cynthia Jane, and she died August 5, 1879 in the State of Texas. The last one of the children to die was Amanda, twin of Elizabeth, and she died in Greene County, Indiana June 27, 1943 at the age of 88 years.

Get this... Millie Richardson's sister Mary married Mordica's brother, Armstead Apperson Hatfield. Millie's brother, George, had a daughter, Lavina (her niece), who married Armstead (her brother in law) after the death of his first wife, Mary.

He died just short of 52. The Flynn Cemetery is located about four miles north of Owensburg, Indiana and about two miles south of Cincinnati, Indiana and close to the farm on which Mordica and Millie lived. They died less than four years apart and both are buried in the Flynn Cemetery. They have a good headstone with legible inscriptions which read: Mordica Hatfield, died 9/14/1869, age 51 years, 11 mos, 8 days. Millie (Richardson) Hatfield born 5/5/1819, died 4/3/1873.

Mordica Ale Hatfield, the father of Daniel Boone Hatfield, the father of Wesley Mordica Hatfield, the father of Harvey Daniel Boone Hatfield, the father of Volney Karl Hatfield (Grandaddy) is my mom's dad. 


  1. and I am Brendan Karl McClenahan, named for my great grandfather, Volney Karl Hatfield


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