KidsGames: Building God's Kingdom in Solana Beach and Ghana

Today we washed cars and sold baked goods to raise over $7000 for Emmanuel's school in Ghana for disabled and abled kids. Ten percent of Ghana's population is disabled, and most are destined for begging on the streets. 

That's what Emmanuel's fate would have been, if not for his mother's words to him, "You will not beg, God has a purpose for you." Not only has Emmanuel not begged (his story is told in the DVD "Emmanuel's Gift") but he has become a challenged triathlete and has created a foundation to help kids in his home country. 

KidsGames is learning about his foundation and the school we are raising money for. Emmanuel's dream is to have disabled and abled kids in the same school so kids are "mainstreamed" from the beginning. 

700 preschoolers to sixth graders are participating in KidsGames at SBPC, which includes a "sport" (basketball to slot cars to scrapbooking), a compassion project (Emmanuel's school) and a bible lesson that helps kids see the are ambassadors for God's mission in the world. "You are smart, you are gifted, and we believe you can make a difference," Billy Jack says every morning. They also get to see 300 volunteers from 12 to 87 making a difference by serving kids this week as kid connnectors, coaches, teachers, guides, musicians, and helpers of all kinds.

This is our seventh year. God has used our kids to make a difference. in previous years to raise money and awareness for causes like the San Diego Rescue Mission and the endangered condors at the San Diego Zoo. 

God brought Emmanuel to us in a very special way.  A few years ago we watched Emmanuel's Gift at the recommendation of a friend. We were very touched by this story, which is narrated by Oprah. I shared a little about his story in a message that month. A few months later a member of our church met Emmanuel at the San Diego County Fair and invited him to our church. As Emmanuel went back and forth from Ghana to collect bicycles or work with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, he would worship with us. Eventually we decided to partner with him through KidsGames. Emmanuel has been on campus all week, interacting with kids and reminding us why we have all been called to be God's ambassadors to make a difference in the world. 

In all services this Sunday we'll celebrate KidsGames--telling stories, seeing the video, and hearing all God has done through our kids.


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