Resting -- Oct 7

"My soul finds rest in God alone..." Psalm 62:1

Amy and I have taken Fridays off for more than 14 years (I wrote this on Thursday). We found we needed one day a week to spend together. I don't have real weekends because I preach on Sundays, and we often have events on Saturdays and midweek evenings. If we don't set aside that time together weekly we can easily miss each other, pass by each other, ignore each other, misunderstand each other, etc...

We're able to find rest in each other as we spend time alone without any distractions or appointments. I'm reminded of who Amy is to me and what she means to me as my friend, wife, partner and fellow adventurer. But it's also true that because Amy is who she is, I can spend time with her.

The same is true with God. As we spend time alone with God we create a space where we can be reminded of his greatness and his goodness. The Psalmist says when he finds rest in God as salvation, the rock, mighty rock, fortress, refuge and that God is strong and loving. Because of who God is I can rest. I can take time off and not think I have to manage every part of my life to make it work. I can rest in him. I can trust him. Therefore I can rest. I can let go. It take time to learn how to rest in him, but it's worth it.

I love what Generations Prayer Guide says:

"Waiting on God is an aquired ability that reaps big spiritual dividends." 


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